10 Food Remedies for Winter Blues and Low Energy

                                         Heal the Blues

  Food is strong medicine. Thank goodness.There is a special magic and sense of power that comes with being able to cure what ails you in your very own kitchen. It’s both nurturing and satisfying to prepare food with one’s whole being and one’s well being in mind–a simple approach to self-care that most of us embrace at Urban Sanctuary ...

  Please bare in mind that all people’s bodies respond uniquely to various foods and that all foods are not created equally. Here are 10 energizing, mood stabilizing, comforting and uplifting foods for you to try:

1. Mushrooms- B Vitamins for strength and energy, ease depression
2. Sweet Potatoes- grounding, stabilizing, good for nerves and anxiety

3. Red Beans twice the fiber of most other beans, iron-rich, grounding
4. Kale- brain food, blood purifier, iron, oxygenating, can ease depression

5. Apples- stabilizing, balance blood sugar, fiber, ..an apple a day…

6. Salmon- brain food, joint pain healer, good fatty acids, mood stabilizer

7. Orangesuplifting, Vitamin C sourcegood for immunity

8. Red Bell Peppers– energizing, good for body aches, mood swings

9. Leeks- great for immunity, joint pain, eyes, nose and throat soreness

10. Green Grapes- stabilizing, balancing and energizing

   Organic and locally raised foods are better for your body, more nutritionally rich and better for the environment and the community, in most cases. Do your best with what is available to you. Most people will have a taste for at least half of the 10 foods on this list. Don’t force yourself to eat anything that turns you off. There is no need. Oftentimes your body will be attracted to the look and the smell of foods that will help you feel balanced.

   In the winter time, we’re exposed to less sunlight and fresh air. Each season comes with both its inherent gifts and challenges. One of winter’s challenges is the experience of less hours available in the day. That creates a sense of lack or low grade anxiety for many people. Overeating and long hours in front of the television can exacerbate the looming depression that people refer to as seasonal depression or the winter blues. Internal and emotional ups and downs are natural.  As the seasons change, mood and energy enhancing foods will help bring out the best in you and minimize your periods of feeling down.

  When the weather grows cold and grey, it is really beneficial to eat food rich in Vitamins B, C and E, fiber, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids. This is very good for you whether seasonal depression and energy lows occur for you or not… Please remember to be kind to yourself throughout every season. Make good things in your kitchen.

   Candice Courcy is Urban Sanctuary’s co-founder who made the happy discovery of the power and magic of healing foods at an early age. That combined with the love of mud, seaweed, aromatherapy and massage lead to a long and happy career in the spa industry and the healing arts. Candice enjoys being the person her friends come to for nurturing food and bath recipes when they are feeling blue. If you have any questions, please email Candice at [email protected].

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