10 Foods That Heal Dry Winter Skin

Winter elements and daily routine changes can rob the skin of needed moisture and nutrients. People drink less water during the winter months, although our bodies need just as much as we do in the thirsty summer months. Indoor and automobile heaters tend to chap and irritate skin as well as heavy  clothing and dense, course fabrics.

This list of foods contain precious vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that protect and recover your skin from the elements. Vitamins A, C, D, E, and good fats plump and soften the skin cells.
2-Oily Fish
(salmon, Sardines, Mackerel)
3-Coconut and Coconut Oil
4-Olives and Olive Oil
5-Leafy Greens
( Kale, Spinach, Collards)
7-Orange Root Vegetables and Pumpkin
( winter squash, carrots, sweet potato)
9-Healthy Nuts 
( Walnuts, Almonds,)
10-Flax Seeds and Sunflower Seeds
Try working 4 or more of these foods into your daily diet during the cold winter months and you’ll see and feel the difference in your skin. Also, try to using humidifiers at home, wearing soft breathable fabrics and washing your body with goat’s milk soap or  gentle soap alternatives. We have great Facials at Urban Sanctuary to hydrate and replenish devitalized skin.Check our pricing, browse our service menus and shop our skin care and body products online.

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