12 Benefits of Asian Foot Massage

   At Urban Sanctuary, we very much respect and appreciate the wisdom of the East. The Asian Foot Massage was the first to grace our menu of foot services when we opened 8 years ago. Today it is the most popular of our foot massage offerings. The wholesome and energetic approach of our Asian Foot massage routine addresses the entire body, creating freedom and renewed energy in the legs, hips & back. The feet are connected to the legs, the legs are connected to the back, the back is connected to the head and in between you have your ankles, knees, hips and so on… The overall balancing and recharging effects of this massage are quite remarkable!

   The Asian Foot Massage incorporates Thai, Japanese and East Indian massage techniques. Three powerful healing traditions from the East are combined with some of our unique methods (developed at Urban Sanctuary in Athens, Georgia). All are engaged to release tension, pain and restrictions in the toes, ankles, feet and legs. In doing so, the hips, knees and back are often completely renewed. In fact, many find this massage to renew their entire being.

  The list of possible health benefits is quite extensive. Here are twelve:

  1. Relaxes the Feet, Legs, Hips & Back
  2. Improves Flexibility
  3. Increases Range of Motion
  4. Eases Soreness from Standing, Walking, Sports & Running
  5. Helps with Neuropathy
  6. Eases Foot Cramps, Aches & Pains
  7. Headaches, Dizziness & Lightheadedness
  8. Improves BalanceGait and Posture
  9. Increases Circulation
  10. Recovers old Injuries
  11. Relieves Stress & Tension
  12. Feels Amazing 

   This very rounded approach to foot massage incorporates rhythmical movements to gently coax tension out of the legs, hips, low back and feet. The rocking, rotations and compressions open up meridians in the legs and along the entire spine. People often feel a rush of energy through the sacrum and along the spine as the massage progresses. People often feel their pelvis and low back relax. It extends up to the face, neck & shoulders for many.

   Your feet spend years holding the weight of your entire body. That is a big job. Extra wear & tear is caused by flip flops, ballet shoes, work boots, high heels and many types of dress shoes. Feet change shape over time to accommodate your shoes as well as your standing and living habits. Having the soles of your feet massaged and stretched helps make it so that your stance is better. This in turn helps with balance, coordination and posture. The more pliable and relaxed the soles of your feet are, the more your feet can properly mold to the ground and contact the ground when you stand and walk. A sure and steady stance is very good for the health of your knees, hips and back. The older we get, the more likely this is to be compromised.  People notice their stance improve after just one massage!

  This foot massage is recommended for adults of all ages and it is especially beneficial for older people. It’s not usually recommended for pregnant women or for children. There are exceptions, of course. It is enjoyable as a 30 minute or a 60 minute service. An hour allows for much more thorough coverage of the feet, ankles and legs with time to address specific problem areas. Some people request 90 minutes or 2 hours. We offer both the Asian Foot Massage and our Deep Tissue Therapeutic Foot Massage in 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour appointments. One hour appointments are the perfect fit for most, but 90 and 120 minute appointments have served to treat people with Plantar Fasciitus and chronic foot pain very well…

  Call Urban Sanctuary at 706-613-3947 to book an Asian Foot Massage for yourself or a friend. We have more than 14 people who have special training with this massage on staff. You can have this incorporated into a pedicure or booked as a massage to be received lying down on the massage table in a private spa room. You have an array of in-house-made herbal foot baths to choose from, should you decide to have a foot bath to compliment your massage. Email questions to [email protected] Our entire menu of services can be viewed online at https://www.urbansanctuaryspa.com/


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