12 Ways to Ease Holiday Season Stress

  The winter holidays bring up lots of feelings for people. The holidays have a way of amplifying certain tendencies within us both positive and negative. There’s ample room for being sentimental, celebrating, being generous, being grateful… There’s also plenty of opportunity for overdoing things; overworking, overspending, spreading oneself too thin, getting worked up and worried about appearances, family, the money, the gifts…

  Whether you love the holidays, love the celebrating, love the traditions or not, the world around you will be turned upside down from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. There’s no way around it! Here are 12 ways to keep you at ease during the very stimulating month of December.

  1. Drink water. Water helps your brain and body function while stabilizing your moods. The holiday sweets, drinks and running around get people dehydrated and crazed.
  2. Plan for quiet time. Carve out time for you. Have a nice fire, book a massage, or spend some quality time on the couch listening to beautiful music. Peaceful hours replenish your reserves of energy. You have more to give and share once your well is replenished.
  3. Call Wonder Woman. Run around and do just a little less this year. Get some professional help with shopping, errands and pet care from Wonder Woman Services. The best in town. Ask my Siggy.
  4. Eat fresh foods. Sweets and buttery party foods are all good and fun, until you’re bloated and irritable. Balance out your junk food indulgences with nutrition-rich foods. Fresh vegetables, fruit and local fair prevent crash and burn. Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market is our neighbor. Try them.
  5. Sage, Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme aromatherapy heals all… Insomnia, scattered brains, fatigue, grief and sadness, aches and pains can be eased by one or more of these four. Read about how to use essential oils, if you wish.   
  6. Take baths. This is nourishing any time of year, especially in the winter months. Chapped dry skin, insomnia, frayed nerves and achy joints can be eased in a bath of medicinal oils. Lemon Balm, Arnica and Hyssop are particularly effective as well.
  7. Make shorter lists. Long lists breed anxiety. Whether it is a shopping list, greeting cards list, party list, errands or to do list, I bet you can shorten it. You just might breathe easier…
  8. Buy gift certificates. They require no wrapping, people love them, you can buy them online and support your favorite local businesses while covering your gift list. Try Avid Bookshop Cine, ATHICA, Normal Bar, The National, Canopy Studios or Urban Sanctuary. Joy and more joy…
  9. Get some fresh air and sunshine. It’s harder to do in the winter. Maybe a lunchtime stroll or morning jog? Your brain needs the natural light and so does your skin.
  10. Hire a travel agent. Best thing I did this year. After hours of struggling online with cheap tickets and 6:00 am departures, I called Natalie at Global Escapes. She saved me hours of frustration and found a first class ticket to Boston for only $60 extra.
  11. Have a facial. Either do your own at home or come see us. Facials relax tension around your eyes and face, while cleansing, toning and moisturizing until your skin just glows.
  12. Be kind to yourself. Avoid comparing yourself harshly to others. Don’t torment yourself with criticisms that don’t serve you… Be glad for your own good qualities and the beauty your life holds.

 Happy Holidays to you and yours. Unwind at Urban Sanctuary any day of the week. View our entire menu of services online. You can contact us at 706-613-3947 or email Candice at [email protected]


You Deserve Time To Unwind.