5 Fruits That Heal Joint Pain and Recommended Massages

Joint pain can plague people of all ages and it becomes more likely as the years pass. Even teenagers experience joint pain on occasion resulting from binging  on processed sugary foods or over exertion. Adults experience joint pain and inflammation caused by food allergens, sports injuries or many other stresses that tax the body. Plenty of folks who have not been diagnosed with arthritis often experience  joint pain when the weather is cold and damp. 
Quality therapeutic massage, healing herbal bath soaks and foot massage are great remedies for nagging joint pain. 
Also, there are some great food cures for pain and in particular a handful of fruits that have a great capacity for reducing joint pain and inflammation. 
These five fruits are amazing pain relievers:
At Urban Sanctuary, we specialize in results producing, pain relieving massage . Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neck Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Asian Foot Massage are a few that effectively deal with joint pain and inflammation. There are probably a couple of massage modalities from that list that would be a perfect fit for you. Call 706-613-3947 for a recommendation or consultation. Read about the benefits of massage and the various massage modalities in our blog archives.

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