8 Benefits of Drinking Tea

– Immune System Support

– Increased Circulation

– Allergy Relief

– Stomach Soothing

– Restful Sleep

– Relaxation

– Breathing Ease

– Clear Mind

These are some of the available health and well-being benefits of drinking tea. Green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea and herbal teas have a broad variety of health benefits. The benefits vary according to the blend.
Green tea is known for boosting immunity, clarity of thought, circulation and respiration. Green tea has some caffeine but much less than black tea.
Black tea is highly caffeinated and provides a boost to energy and circulation. Black tea can provide relief from pollen allergies, headaches, inflammation, joint pain and sluggish circulation.
Red tea has a natural slightly sweet taste. It contains no caffeine unless added. One of the most common red teas is red African roibos. Red tea is great for brain function, digestion, mood and memory. Red tea is wonderful for balancing the nervous system.
White tea is very good for metabolism, memory function, immunity, improved concentration and respiration. It has a minute amount of caffeine. White tea is very restorative.
Herbal teas come in many, many varieties. Some popular ingredients include chamomile, one of natures greatest anti inflammatory agents. Hibiscus is cooling and soothing, as well as balancing. Peppermint tea is a great stomach soother. Echinacea acts as a powerful immune system booster. Cats claw is a known anti depressant. Cardamom, an expectorant and sleep aid. Cinnamon is warming and tonifying. Lemongrass, a metabolism booster. Rose hips tea is calming. Herbal teas blends come in thousands of extraordinary varieties, which usually without caffeine.
Drinking tea is a wonderful way to relax before bedtime and throughout the day. Teas benefits are as broad and beautiful as the herbs and flowers grown across the globe.

You Deserve Time To Unwind.