8 Benefits of Scalp massage

Scalp massage is deeply relaxing and has great over all well being benefits. Healthy hair, scalp and skin are the obvious benefits. However, scalp massage can have a surprising impact on the over all nervous system and the body’s other systems.

Your scalp is covered in nerve endings. Those nerve endings, when stimulated or relaxed send a message to your brain that can impact your entire body.

Your scalp will easily absorb what is applied to it.  This makes scalp massage a great way to treat yourself to highly effective aromatherapy and relaxation therapy.

Scalp Massage benefits include:

  • insomnia relief and improved quality of sleep
  • head ache and neck ache relief
  • slowing down a racing mind or gathering a scattered brain
  • improved circulation for healthy scalp, hair and hair growth
  • settling nerves or anxiety
  • sinus opening
  • immune system boosting
  • deep relaxation

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