Acupressure Massage Pillows: Neck Pain Relief, Sleep Aid, Amazing Health Benefits

Bed Of Nails Acupressure Pillows are available online and at Urban Sanctuary.

A new take on the ancient healing art of acupressure, Bed Of Nails massage pillows are wonderfully effective for pain and stress relief. They are newly available at Urban Sanctuary and we have clients and staff who are very happy about the extraordinary results from their short term use of the pillow. We are really excited to share! Head ache relief, greatly improved sleep and relief from chronic neck and back pain.

The way it works is similar to acupuncture. Your body’s natural happiness boosters, pain killers and calming agents are able to be released into your system as your skin and soft tissue make contact with the rounded acupressure nails on the surface of the pillow. Endorphins, oxytocin and circulation flows, creating a sense of joy, energy and pain relief as well as inducing a state of calm. All the good stuff…

Everybody reacts differently to massage, acupressure and healing agents. However the effects vary from person to person, the results are generally very positive. The acupressure pillow can be a great agent for healing by stimulating the body’s own innate ability to heal, detoxify and regenerate itself. Possible benefits include:

  • relief from chronic neck and back pain
  • lower stress and anxiety levels
  • headache relief
  • improved sleep/insomnia relief
  • better circulation
  • improved digestion
  • eased depression
  • balanced moods
  • enhanced vitality

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