Basil: Healing For The Mind and Body

Basil has a vast array of strengthening and medicinal properties and there are many ways to make good use of its potent healing and life giving compounds. The plant originated in the Middle East and Asia. Basil is now being cultivated across the globe and over 100 different varieties have been raised. Its very popular as a culinary herb and in aromatherapy products. Basil can be found in medicinal tinctures and compounds, aromatherapy blends, hair oil and shampoo,soap, massage oil and sports rubs.

Basil contains a powerful compound proven to stabilize blood sugar, improve respiration and increase circulation. That compound is called cinnamanic acid. Lemon scented basil, cinnamon basil, red Thai basil and camphor like varieties each have their own unique chemical make up. However, the basic medicinal properties remain constant from strand to strand.

When ingested, as a culinary herb or supplement, basil has the capacity to aid the body in fighting colds, flu and viral infections, much like echinacea.Basil is an incredible immune system booster. It also combats bowel inflammation and rheumatiod arthritus.

 Essential oil of basil and standardized extracts are the most potent form.Utilizing basil aromatherapy or extracts will give you  rapid access to the medicinal benifits as well as the emotional recharge that basil can provide. Here are some of the common benefits:

  • relief from allergies
  • muscle soreness
  • joint pain
  • head aches and migranes
  • nausea ( even from chemotherapy)
  • rattled nerves
  • mental fatigue
  • cold and flu symptoms
  • indegestion

Basil is known for its uplifting properties. Basil aromatherapy can help with lack of confidence. It has been said to “taketh away sorrowfulness” and to be “good for the heart” (Gerard).

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