Benefits of Aromatherapy


    A wide range of benefits  can be achieved by using aromatherapy. Essential oils are profoundly healing and fortifying physically and emotionally. One inhalation can bring a remarkable change to your head space. The beauty benefits are plenty as well…
Some essential oils will agree with your system beautifully and some just simply will not. This is completely natural. Every person has many parts that come into play causing some scents to delight, while others repel… These factors include body chemistry, body temperature, memory and association, gender, skin type and other much more subtle factors than all of the above. What you choose to use in your home, on your skin and in your bath should depend on what appeals you and which effects you are aiming to create…

Not all essential oils have the same emotional, medicinal or cosmetic properties. They are each extracted from the roots, fruit, seeds, bark, leaves and flowers of a great number of plants around the world. That being said, it makes the task of writing an all-inclusive list of benefits nearly impossible. Some oils are more medicinal than others. Here is a general list of the benefits that are often experienced when using good quality aromatherapy oils for health, beauty and relaxation. Aromatherapy can:

1) boost circulation
2) strengthen the immune system
3) repair damaged skin
4) improve overall complexion
5) help to purge the body of toxins
6) ease muscle and joint pain
7) clear and relax the mind
8)  ease headaches
9) act as a hormone and mood regulator
10) regulate appetite
11) stimulate digestion
12) act as a sleep aid
13) combat depression and fatigue
14) relieve cold and flu symptoms
15) improve stamina and concentration
16) promote relaxation and well-being
17) strengthen a feeble mind and improve focus

This is not an all-inclusive list by any means. These are benefits that we most come across with our clients, as we use aromatherapy in our facials, massages and pedicures. There are many more. However, this list should be enough to inspire. Also, at Urban Sanctuary we carry skin, bath and body products in our boutique with over seventy different essential oils.

Methods of delivering essential oils into the body vary. Inhalation most rapidly brings about emotional and mood changes, while massage or soaking will create the more systemic benefits, such as pain relief and detoxification.

For suggestions and directions on how to use aromatherapy go to our article on how to use essential oils. Feel free to contact us at Urban Sanctuary for more information at 706-613-3947 or email [email protected].

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