Benefits of Massage Series: $80 Savings and Enhanced Well Being

To encourage people to have more massage time, more often, we have created special pricing to maximize your massage dollars. At Urban Sanctuary we offer an incredible deal on massage series packages! If you purchase a series of 6 massage therapy sessions, you get one free session of equal value. Otherwise said, you can buy 7 massages for the price of 6. This provides a savings of $80-$90, if you are purchasing a series of 1 hour sessions. You’ll save $115-$125 on a series of 90 minute sessions and $165-$185 off of a couples massage series. Wow!

 Massage therapy benefits increase and expand with repeat sessions at regular intervals. The benefits to your nervous system are increased when sessions are frequent. The benefits to the muscular system and the immune system can be measured over time, as well. Well being is greatly enhanced with regular massage sessions and although each person’s experience is unique, there are some commonalities amongst Urban Sanctuary massage clients who receive a massage therapy session once a month or more.

  • improved quality of sleep
  • blood pressure
  • increased circulation
  • recovery from common soft tissue injuries
  • relief from chronic pain
  • hyper tension
  • whiplash
  • frozen shoulder
  • low back pain
  • recovery from car accident injuries 
  • sports injuries
  • healing nervous conditions
  • increased range of motion
  • a boost to the immune system
  • increased stamina
  • relief from some of the stresses of pregnancy
  • stress relief in general
  • improved focus
  • peace of mind

If too much time does not lapse in between massage sessions, the benefits of the massages actually build on the previous session.This is really impactful when recovering from whiplash, tennis elbow, chronic headaches or nagging aches and pains.

People often use their massages to support themselves in achieving specific health goals and milestones,such as lowered blood pressure,weight loss and improved quality of sleep.  All things that can be measured, can be impacted.

Read about Urban Sanctuary’s massage offerings and prices online. We have a menu of choices for massage, specialty massages, scalp massage, foot massage, men’s services and couples services. Be kind to yourself. Unwind at Urban Sanctuary…

You Deserve Time To Unwind.