Body Oil, Body Wash and Body Scrubs by little barn Apothecary

The wildly popular Coffee + Mint Body Scrub smells like chocolate.

We had the opportunity to meet with artisan product creators and Little Barn Apothecary founders, Joshua and Brad at Urban Sanctuary yesterday. It was amazing to learn the story of how they created their new natural products line. They shared their stories and a some of the science, art and love behind each holistically crafted blend.

Brad and Joshua insist on using only ethically sourced essential oils, herbs and ingredients in ALL of their products. This is not just lip service. They actually grow and harvest their own Thyme, Coriander, Mint, Lemon Balm, Eucalyptus, Lavender and more in their very own back yard.

The intelligence, artistry and love that goes into these products is incredible. After spending a few hours with Brad and Joshua, I can honestly say that we are star struck.

We will be adding their soy candles, face cleansing oils and several other aspect of the line to our inventory within weeks. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out the scrubs, soaks and body oils available at Urban Sanctuary now!

  • Coffee + Mint Body Scrub is toning, tightening and renewing $26
  • Cedarwood + Rose Body Scrub is softening, gentle and calming $24
  • Rosemary + Juniper Body Scrub is invigorating and smoothing $24
  • Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil is at once healing and  intoxicating $34
  •  Lemongrass +Mint Body Oil is nurturing and refreshing $26
  • Rosewood + Ylang Ylang Body Wash soothing and softening $16
  • Ginger + Rosemary Body Wash detoxing and awakening $16



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