Chinese Abdominal Massage

     Abdominal massage is a much underrated and underutilized modality in the United States. People usually think about their back and shoulders first when it comes to booking a massage. Also, most Americans are a bit self-conscious about their stomachs. If you can get past that, the benefits of abdominal massage are pretty extensive, particularly if you have a massage therapist who is trained in specific techniques suited for that area of the body. The stomach is the first place many people feel stress. A relaxed abdomen allows for release of low back tension and better energy flow throughout the entire body. It creates a wonderful sense of being calm and centered…

     At Urban Sanctuary we offer a specialized massage we call Chinese Abdominal Massage. Our Chinese Abdominal Massage routine borrows techniques from the East to deeply relax the muscles and fascia of the abdominal region, rib cage and hips. The massage incorporates techniques to release built-up tension and knots in the stomach area. People often experience a surge of energy upon release of some of the knots and tension that this massage addresses. For many, the experience is quite exhilarating!

     Here are some of the key benefits, areas that can addressed and what to expect. This could help you decide if you’d like to experience this modality for yourself.

Chinese Abdominal Massage is great for:

  • unwinding and centering your energy
  • tension in the abdominal region
  • a nervous stomach
  • low back tension
  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • tension in the hips
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • sluggish digestion
  • acid reflux
  • headaches
  • slumpy posture
  • restricted range of motion in the hips, low back and torso
  • detoxing

Chinese Abdominal Massage can address issues in:

  • the front of the hips
  • the top of the pelvis
  • the solar plexus area
  • the rib cage
  • the small and large intestines
  • the muscles and connective tissue in and around the entire abdominal region

     Chinese Abdominal massage utilizes very respectful and gentle touch to address the deeper tissue of many areas of your abdomen. These areas usually house a lot of feeling, energy and emotion.We use very rhythmical movements to coax the tension out of the body and allow for these areas to completely unwind and recharge. Wavelike movements, circular movements, rocking, palm presses and stretching are all incorporated to relieve excess stagnation, sluggish metabolism, chronic pain, tension, knots, and poor posture.

     People often feel taller, longer and lighter after a Chinese Abdominal Massage. People often experience a release of emotions during a session or the day after a session. The massage often results in one or more full bowel movements (more than your usual) on the day of the massage due to the intestines being addressed during the session. This is a very good thing and something you can look forward to.

     If you are trying our Chinese Abdominal Massage for the very first time, you might like to start with a shorter session of 30 or 45 minutes instead of a full hour. Booking this specialty massage does require calling a bit more in advance, because not every massage therapist at Urban Sanctuary has had the training for it yet. You’ll need to give the front desk person who books your appointment the opportunity to select a massage therapist for you who has that on their personal service menu.

     As with all of our massages, you can let your massage therapist know what you would like to result from your massage (for example, addressing a nervous stomach, sluggish bowels, back pain, sleep troubles, etc.) and your session can be modified to focus on your needs or goals. The pace and pressure can be modified to stay within your comfort zone as well.

     If you are on the fence, I invite you to go for it! Your stomach works overtime every day, even when you are sleeping. Give yourself the gift of a massage focused on recharging and nurturing this very important and central area of your body…

     Call 706-613-3947 to schedule a session or write to [email protected] for a consultation.

You Deserve Time To Unwind.