Deep Tissue Therapeutic Foot Massage

  Not for the faint hearted, but enormously productive for those who have plantar fasciitus, hammer toe, dancer’s feet or old foot and ankle injuries. Our Deep Tissue Therapeutic Foot Massage routine aims to produce measurable improvements in your stance, gate and range of motion. The deep myofascial work included in this massage usually impacts overall posture for people after just one session!

  Our Deep Therapeutic Foot Massage is available at Urban Sanctuary for 60 minute sessions, 90 minute sessions and two hours. The time flies by even during a two hour session, as hard as that is to believe. It takes the initial 20-30 minutes of the massage to open up the energy and blood flow in the legs, knees, hips and torso to prepare your feet for the therapy to come next. Your ankles, arches, calves and soles require time to warm up, soften and let go of surface tensions before the deep therapy can begin. This should not be rushed. No need to cause you white knuckling pain by zipping through this massage. Most massage therapists agree that effective deep tissue requires a slow hand and careful attention. This has never been more the case than when handling your soles…

Who this is good for:

  • men with thick or dense foot tissue
  • runners, cyclists and tennis players
  • professional dancers
  • athletes
  • people engaged in foot pounding activities
  • people with old foot injuries that continue to affect their gate

  The Deep Therapeutic Foot Massage will usually “hurt good” and therefore allow for the release of old holding patterns in your feet and ankles. Deep specific friction helps to break up scar tissue and adhesion. A variety of methods are implored to allow for the release of chronic pain. This is a highly intentional and slow moving massage. In order to fully stretch and expand the tissue of the soles of the feet, slow thorough coverage works best. Along the arches and heels, slow pinning, stretching, stripping and deep specific friction are employed. If you can give yourself an hour or longer, you will be very happy with the transformation that comes…


  • releases knee, hip and low back pain
  • relieves plantar fasciitus
  • hammer toe
  • old football and sports injuries to the feet
  • improves stance and balance
  • lengthens the body by releasing restricted muscles
  • helps recover the feet from regular pounding (tennis, running)
  • helps recover the feet from restrictive shoes (high heels, work boots) 
  • releases holding patterns affecting your walk and the way you stand
  • rejuvenating

   Please call us with questions or to schedule a foot massage at 706-613-3947. At Urban Sanctuary we have an army of massage therapists ready to transform your feet…

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