DIY Clear Your Head Aromatherapy Blend

This blend will open your sinuses, clear your head and clear your mind. This handmade blend is a great gift. Blend a bottle for yourself. Inhale as needed to clear your head. Massage onto scalp and sinuses for rapid headache and congestion relief.
Keep this bottle in your purse, gym bag or car console. This Clear Your Head Blend travels well as long as it’s in a proper blue or amber glass bottle protecting the essential oils from the light. Keep it in a cool dark place, like the medicine cabinet at home. Do not leave in a hot car.
To make your blend, you will need:


Blend the ingredients in the order listed, fasten the top on your bottle and turn it upside down several times. Let your blend sit 30 minutes before applying directly to your skin. Do not apply to sensitive skin.


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