DIY Gifts: Holiday Potpourri

Holiday potpourri can be created for under $2 per baggie. Aromatherapy Oils at Urban Sanctuary.

Do-it-yourself holiday potpourri. This is a very fun gift to make. Potpourri can be put together for less than $1 or $2 per baggie depending on what you have around the house or yard. Adding essential oil drops for aromatherapy will add to the cost, however it’s probably worth it. Pure essential oil drops in the blend will make the potpourri last longer. It also transforms your potpourri from a lovely decorative gift to a lovely gift with healing and stress relieving properties.

You will need:

Throw your clippings in a bowl. Cut your rosemary, juniper and fir into big pieces, thumb length approximately. Cut the winter flower and pine into smaller pieces to make shake. Suit your own aesthetic. Mix your pieces with bare hands or salad tongs.

Using a dropper, drop 3 drops of Bergamot essential oil, 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil and 3 drops of Wintergreen. Mix again to evenly distribute the aromatherapy oils. Let your potpourri dry for 15 minutes and pour into a sandwich baggy. A ziplock bag will lock in the scent. Tie in the middle with a bow.

Multiply the ingredients above by however many gifts you’d like to make.
Variations: A large baggy leaves room to gather and tie at the top for a more dramatic presentation. Add pine cones for contrast. Substitute Peppermint or Orange essential oil for Wintergreen and Bergamot to cut your cost. Frankincense is a warm and heady holiday scent, but not loved by all. Suit your own nose. You will have a large quantity of your essential oils left over after this project, since it only requires 8 drops per bag.

Read about the healing properties of essential oils and how to use them.


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