Drinking Water Reduces Stress,Boosts Your Brain and Mood

Water is is good for your heart,your brain and your mood. It is vital for every single metabolic process in your body. It is needed for mineral and nutrient absorption, as well as flushing the body of toxins and waste daily. Water actually runs your body.

The human body is 83% water. Muscles are 75% water, bones 22% and the brain is 74% water. No wonder people get confused and irritable when dehydrated!

Fatigue, muscle pain, cramping, hypertension, irritability, joint stiffness, head aches and stress can all be remedied by drinking more water. At the least, water eases the conditions mentioned.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking plenty of water every day.Staying well hydrated:

    • protects your heart
    • helps keep your heart healthy
    • is good for your brain
    • helps maintain mental stamina and concentration 
    • supports memory and cognitive function
    • balances mood swings
    • reduces fatigue both physical and emotional
    • prevents muscle cramping
    • increases physical performance and stamina
    • supports equilibrium
    • cushions joints and muscles
    • protects muscles from shock and injury
    • keeps skin and eyes healthy
    • is crucial for immune system function

Drink up. Drinking water reduces stress!It’s an easy habit to create and very inexpensive if you filter your water at home or purchase 5-10 gallon bottles. If you’re not used to drinking water through out the day, you can develop the habit in a number of ways. Keeping a glass, tumbler or bottle of spring water with you where ever you go will make it much easier to develop the habit of staying hydrated. Keep good drinking water by your bed, in your car, your gym bag, at your desk and in your lunch box. If you don’t have much of a taste for water now, you will start to crave it once your body gets used to the feeling of being hydrated. You can enhance the flavor of your water with fresh lime, lemon, thyme, cucumber or mint. The more you drink water, the easier it will be for your body to register the message when your getting low on fluids or under-hydrated.

 Water helps the body to assimilate nutrients from the food you eat and makes it easier to deal with the stresses of every day life. It runs your body, supports healthy aging, is essential to beautiful skin. It is absolutely vital to your health and well being. Drink up…

    Urban Sanctuary recommends drinking water before and after receiving a massage, facial , pedicure  or waxing to flush the system of stress and toxins. Be Kind. Unwind. That is our motto… 

    You Deserve Time To Unwind.