Eat Garlic For Anti-Aging and Good Health

    Garlic is one of nature’s best anti-aging agents. It is a powerful immune system booster, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant and the list goes on. Studies have shown measurable health benefits to eating fresh garlic daily. Approximately one clove of fresh garlic a day can help keep the doctor away. Eating a clove a day can:

    • improve brain health and agility
    • reduce the chances of catching a cold by up to 63%
    • boost the immune system in general 
    • strengthen your bones
    • improve stamina
    • decrease hypertension
    • increase circulation
    • boost heart health
    • detox the body of heavy metals
    • act as a natural pain remedy
    • heal allergies

      Steaming, sauteing or roasting garlic will mellow the flavor and odor, if that is a concern. Raw garlic chopped, pureed or sliced is very, very good for the body, however, it can create stomach upset for some. One clove a day can easily be worked into salads, soups, main dishes, smoothies and side dishes. Challenge yourself to eat a clove a day for one month and notice the impact on your allergies, your circulation or any aches and pains you regularly put up with.

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