Four Natural Allergy Remedies

Pollen allergies can put people in a miserable state. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.These four natural remedies will provide more than an ounce of relief with none of  negative side effects pharmaceuticals can cause. For fatigue, headaches, sinus pain, itchy watery eyes and congestion, try:

  1. Vitamin C- It’s a natural antihistamine and very gentle. 500-1000 mg is recommended
  2. Spice-Chilly pepper and cayenne both help to remedy stuffy noses,sinus pain and congestion 
  3. Peppermint Tea- Eases headaches and congestion.Green tea can be a preventative measure.
  4. Aromatherapy-Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Peppermint ease headaches, lethargy and fatigue.
Vitamin C,being a natural antihistamine, reduces cold and allergy symptoms by reducing histamine in the body.Histamine is released by the body in allergic reaction to pollen causing itchy, swollen, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, swollen lips, shortness of breath, irritated skin and coughing. Vitamin C daily dosage amounts can be adjusted to bowel tolerance.
Chilly pepper and cayenne pepper both have a compound called capsiacin.Capsaicin can clear up sinus pressure, sinus pain and nasal congestion. It has natural pain relieving properties, as well. The healing properties in spices are truly amazing.
Peppermint boosts circulation, reduces drowsiness, aches and pains and boosts immunity. The tea is great for headaches, congestion and fatigue. Peppermint tea is a mild alternative to peppermint aromatherapy which is swift acting, strong smelling and potent. None of which are bad things, however people aren’t always willing to deal with the strong smell of peppermint essential oil or the stimulating effects.
Aromatherapy offers world of natural cures, pain remedies and support for vibrant health and well being. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Peppermint are four greats for headaches and fatigue. How to actually use aromatherapy effectively at home and on the go is a big topic. Easy effective and safe application methods for when you’re on the go include:
  •  inhaling aromatherapy directly from the the bottle to clear sinuses and get a boost
  • applying your blend directly to pulse points, scalp or temples
  • using an aromatherapy desk top or car diffuser
  • carry a mists to spray and breath as needed

At home use aromatherapy in the bath, your body lotion or oil, for massage, facial steams, foot soaks, candles and room diffusers. Or get an aromatherapy massage, scalp and sinus massage, foot massage, body scrub or any spa service utilizing high quality, pure essential oils. Call Urban Sanctuary for an aromatherapy consultation or to book an appointment for a spa service.Send in a friend and make someone happy! Shop our aromatherapy candles, soaps, baths, scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, salts and soaks online.

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