Geranium Aromatherapy: Mood Regulating & Healing


  One of the most remarkable things about geranium essential oil is that it’s both an anti-depressant & a sedative at once. Although this seems an impossible feat, it is true! Geranium has a regulating quality to it (much like the regulating aspect of lavender) making it invaluable for treating depression, anxiety, fatigue & nervous tension. A treasure to have on hand during the hot cranky months of summer, indeed!

        The hormone stabilizing aspects of geranium make it a wonderfully effective solution for irritability & mood swings. Raging hormones due to PMS, menopause, or other influences are easily calmed by geranium’s sweet medicine. Being that it is a light adrenal stimulant, it effectively cuts through the thick fog of fatigue, lethargy & ongoing sadness, especially in  women… That being said, geranium can be found in many bath, body & relaxation blends geared toward tension taming & PMS relief. It is a key ingredient in our in-house blended Joy bath salts, PMS bath salts & Joy essential oil.
            A natural bug repellent, geranium is often found in chemical-free repellents for children, pets & sensitive skin. Geranium is a key ingredients in the Badger Anti-Bug Balm we carry at Urban Sanctuary. We love it! Bugs hate it… Geranium plants in pots can help deter mosquitoes on porches & patios. However, it seems to be more effective when applied directly to the skin or used in soaps. Favorites in our boutique are our Zum geranium bars, EO Rose Geranium Citrus Handsoap (organic) & EO Rose Geranium Citrus Bubbles. 
             I chose to focus on just three aspects of geranium for hot weather stress relief, but the healing properties of geranium are plentiful. The list of medicinal properties includes:
  • analgesic
  • nervous tonic 
  • diuretic  
  • insect repellent  
  • adrenal stimulant
  • anti-infectious 
  • stimulant  
  • sedative       
  • mood regulator
  • kidney tonic 
  • liver tonic
  • PMS relief
  • anti-depressant
  • anti-diabetic 
  • immune system builder      

              Carried over to Europe on ships in the late 16th century, Geranium (Pelargonium odoratissimum) originated in Africa. Today, most of it is produced in Egypt & Morocco. The single note that we carry is an Aura Cacia organic essential oil produced in Egypt.

              The oil of geranium is thick & sweet. It blends well with lemon, grapefruit & other citrus oils because they are top notes, which lighten up geranium’s thick heavy scent. Geranium also blends well with sharp essential oils, such as rosemary or clove because they penetrate geranium’s cloying smell… Some find geranium alone to be too heady & sweet. It is a matter of personal preference, of course. I usually prefer to blend it.
             Look forward to another piece on the beauty benefits of geranium for dry skin & skin over thirty. Please write us with questions to Candice at [email protected]  Or share your own geranium bath blends & insect repellent recipes. 

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