How To Make Your Own PMS Remedy

 PMS remedy ingredients available online and at Urban Sanctuary.

PMS is no joke. Anyone who suffers from it can attest to that, as well as anyone who lives with someone who does. The fatigue, body aches, inflammation, upset bowels, headaches, muscle cramps, water weight gain and irritability that show up for many women prior to the start of the monthly menstrual cycle are a DRAG!
This aromatherapy blend is a wonderful stress reliever and healing agent focused on targeting the most common symptoms of the much dreaded and often endured PMS.
PMS  Remedy Ingredients List:
Blend in a clean bowl and store in an air tight glass jar with a lid. Use 1/4 to 3/4 cup of PMS salts to soak your body for relief from aches, cramps and irritability. Inhale salts blend for stress relief and energy re-balancing. Carry a small vial on the go to use for emergency PMS relief.

Try this blend and have a professional massage to ease your premenstrual woes.  Urban Sanctuary, in Athens, Georgia, is open 7 days a week and proudly offers a great variety of targeted pain and stress relief massage modalities.

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