Immune System Aromatherapy: 4 Staples and 4 Greats

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Aromatherapy yields many health and well being benefits. Immune system activation and support being a primary one. There are a wide range of medicinal benefits that can be achieved with aromatherapy use as well as stress reduction, enhanced mood and beauty. Aromatherapy massage, foot baths,scalp and sinus massage, facial steams, salt scrubs and foot massage are very effective spa services that work healing essential oils into your system.  
The following four essential oils are known to activate and boost the immune system.
  • Tea Tree is an immune system tonic.
  • Lemon treats lymph gland and the immune system.
  • Chamomile activates the immune system while easing inflammation.
  • Lavender boosts immunity, ease headaches and relieves pain.
Working with essential oils is fun and easy, however, there are some precautions to take and a few possible harmful side effects with over use.For instructions on how to use aromatherapy, refer to our  2012 post.
The most rapid way to impact your system with aromatherapy is through inhalation. When inhaled, an essential oil stimulates receptor sites in the brain within a fraction of a second.That’s pretty powerful!Other effective methods of using aromatherapy at home include smelling salts, foot soaks, baths, steams, room diffusers, chemical free aromatherapy candles, body oils, self massage, partner massage, muscle and chest rubs.You can also apply blended essential oils or single notes directly to your skin or pulse points.Never apply essential oils neet or without a carrier oil. They can burn your skin and scar.
The following four oils provide great immune system support, particularly if a cold, virus or congestion has already compromised your system.

  • Orange-good for flu,colds and nervous tension.
  • Peppermint-fights viruses and heals stomach problems.
  • Melissa-treats viruses, lung congestion and insomnia.
  • Eucalyptus-good for cold, flu and sinuses.

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