Lemon Balm Remedy Oil: Great Sleep Aid with Many Benefits

Farmaesthetics remedy oils are available at Urban Sanctuary in Athens, Georgia.

Lemon Balm is a very effective sleep aid. Its medicinal oil has many healing properties. Ancient Greeks used Lemon Balm to cure a variety of physical ailments and nervous conditions. These included dog bites, nausea, anxiety, tooth aches, ear aches and depression. Here are some of the conditions that are well treated with Lemon Balm today:

  • insomnia
  • restlessness
  • nervous exhaustion
  • fever
  • high blood pressure
  • poor concentration
  • upset stomach
  • anxiety
  • frayed nerves
  • heart palpitations
  • depression
  • influenza
  • toothache
  • earache
  • menstrual cramps

Lemon Balm has been known to improve attention span, learning, concentration, comprehension and ability to memorize images. Several studies have concluded that Lemon Balm strengthens mental capacities in numerous and measurable ways. Wonderful!

Use Lemon Balm for massage, foot soaks, baths and hot or cold compresses. Buy a bottle at Urban Sanctuary to take home for yourself. You may also purchase a bottle to incorporate into your foot massage, scalp massage or full body massage at Urban Sanctuary and take the left overs home. Just call ahead 706-613-3947 to be sure that we have it in stock. Be kind to yourself. When in Athens, Georgia, unwind at Urban Sanctuary.

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