Make Your Own Sleepy Time Bath

 A night time bath is a great way to release the stress of the day and promote deep and restful sleep. A good blend of sea salts and pure essential oils for aromatherapy will nourish, relax and cleanse your body and calm your spirit.
Here is how you can put together a nice sleepy time bath blend to fill an 8 ounce mason jar or bath container. This makes a great hand crafted gift. It smells delicious and can be used as a bath or a foot soak.

You will need the following:

Blend your ingredients in the order in which they are listed above and enjoy!

Use 2 tablespoons for a foot soak or 1 half cup or more for an aromatherapy bath.

Miniature bath baggies are a fun gift idea. Portion out one cup of your sleepy time bath blend into 4 potpourri bags and tie with a ribbon or a bread  bag tie. Gift your salts as a one time bath or 3 foot soaks.

You Deserve Time To Unwind.