Manicure and Pedicure Questions and Answers


 Our resident nail experts Kela and Patresa share their answers to your nail-related questions.

How long will it take for my nails to dry?
          Ten minutes will produce a touch-dryness necessary for driving, answering the phone, or other light activities.

How soon after can I go for a run or wash dishes?

  Give your nails at least 3 hours to dry. After this time, the nail will have hardened through like enamel, giving lasting durability to your polish.  Polishing at home? Our Andale Drying Drops from SpaRituals are a favorite to speed up touch-dryness and let you leave the house faster. If you get your nails done at Urban Sanctuary, we’ll encourage you to linger as long as you’d like after your manicure or pedicure is over. We have three lovely lounges for you to relax in and drink tea while you wait for your nails to dry. Take your time…

What can I do about yellowed nails?

 Apply a base coat! Base coats protect your nails from any polish you might apply, keeping your nails from absorbing pigments that lead to yellow nails.

 What can I do about tight & ragged cuticles? 

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Help out ragged cuticles by applying a moisturizer daily. We recommend the Farmaesthetics Hand to Heel Softening Salve, which is a miracle for cracked heels and dry elbows, as well.  If you schedule a nail service with us, be sure to ask for extra moisturizer during your manicure & pedicure.

What can I do about my hands and feet looking rough?

       If you are hard on your hands and your heels, small additions to your normal routine can make a big difference. Trying pomacing or scrubbing your heels in the shower or wearing rubber gloves while you clean the house or wash dishes. If you have a summer routine of getting manicures and pedicures that dies as soon as the first leaf falls, try extending it through the fall and winter. We offer a Manicure and Pedicure Series that offers a savings for clients who want to invest in regular nail care.    

                     Gel nails are very popular. Do you do those at Urban Sanctuary?

So far there’s not a gel formulation that fits our comfort level as far as toxins go. We are always on the lookout for the perfect long-lasting formula. There has been one company that produces a vegan gel, but unfortunately, the only way to remove it is by using strong petrochemicals so the answer is no, for now…

Sometimes I care more about the relaxation aspect than the polish.
 Can I skip the polish and just soak longer?

Definitely! Don’t be shy about asking for what makes you most happy. Your nail service can have more or less scrub time, soak time, massage time according to your request. We can also arrange for extra time focused on problem cuticles or an extra special nail paint job… You are the boss! Just mention it on the phone when booking your appointment, and we will customize your manicure/pedicure to make you happy!

Lastly, a question for you: Did you know your nail bed needs to breathe?      
     Leave a gap around your cuticle when applying polish. Your nails are made of dead keratin, but the nail bed is a living part of your body. When applying polish, leave a gap between your polish and your nail bed to ensure it can breathe properly. It doesn’t have to be large — a millimeter will do if you have the precision, and it’s better to err on the side of too large a gap than too small.

  Call Urban Sanctuary for advice on which one of our in-house manicures or pedicures will best take care of your personal needs… Our number is 706-613-3947.

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