Massage and Spa Services for People with Cancer

Healing and Nurturing Services Make A Difference

Urban Sanctuary specializes in services for people with cancer.

People with cancer can benefit beautifully from massage as well as other spa services involving touch. The healing aspects of massage and nurturing services for anyone facing a health challenge are absolutely remarkable. Doctors’ recommendations and patients needs can be accommodated by most massage therapists and spa professionals. 

At Urban Sanctuary, we have experience providing services for people with cancer, and we have many success stories to share. Also, we’ve done a lot of research on this topic and feel confident about how we can help those who have cancer. Urban Sanctuary has special guidelines and accommodations for men and women in ALL phases of treatment and recovery. This includes service offerings for people with terminal cancer.

It’s truly a joy to able to make a difference. Here are some of the benefits of hand and foot massages, Reiki, gentle facials, foot baths and full body massage that clients have reported:

  • reduced stress
  • insomnia relief
  • eased muscular aches and pains
  • immune system support
  • relief from nueropathy
  • increased circulation and blood flow
  • restored balance to the nervous system
  • eased nausea (foot soaks and foot massage)
  • reduced headaches
  • eased joint pain
  • eased fatigue

Spas around the globe are seeing more and more people come in for services, while in the midst of being treated for cancer… Some doctors ask patients to wait until the courses of radiation and chemotherapy are complete; others give the go ahead during these treatments. There are varying factors to consider for each person making this choice. Spa professionals are making great strides in addressing some of the primary concerns for safety, hygiene and good care.

Several people have been kind enough to let me interview them at length about their experience with cancer and their recovery. The information gleaned has been instrumental in our efforts to fine tune our initial consultation process and our offerings for people with cancer.

Our Special Accommodations include:

  •  15-30 minutes extra time booked for consultation
  • house calls available
  • in room massage at hospital
  • ground floor and wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms
  • unscented products upon request
  • chemical free products
  • bolstering and pillows for extra comfort 
  • services can be received sitting up 
  • services can be received fully clothed 
  • masks and gloves available to reduce exposure to germs in the atmosphere
  • very experienced staff
  • very accommodating staff                                

It’s very important to get clearance from your doctor before scheduling your appointment. Your pharmacist can point out what your service providers need to pay attention to most. Services can be modified to work around the side effects of some of the strong drugs used to treat cancer. Not everyone’s needs or preferences are the same, and we understand this.

Urban Sanctuary has special guidelines and accommodations for people with cancer.

 Recommended Services

  • foot bath – good for headaches, insomnia and neuropathy 
  • hand and foot massage – good for numbness, nervousness and fatigue
  • reflexology – can boost immune function, ease headaches and nausea
  • abdominal massage – addresses low back ache and sluggish bowels
  • aromatherapy massage – soothing, renewing, great immune system support
  • light Swedish massage – can avoid or focus on problem areas
  • lymphatic massage – boosts circulation, moves toxins out of the body, reduces swelling due to edema
  • scalp massage – quiets a restless mind, uplifting
  • energy work – Reiki, cranial sacral and polarity work are enjoyable alternatives to massage
  • facials – gentle, natural ingredients are a good choice
  • natural pedicures – can be modified to accommodate chemical sensitivities 
NOT recommended:
Services incorporating intense exfoliation, heat, deep massage pressure or vigorous stretching are not recommended. These services can be taxing to the system, much like an intense work out at the gym would be. Those services might overwhelm your body, causing it to purge in unpleasant ways. Stick with the gentle services while in recovery until your body is strong again. Services utilizing perfumed products or products with chemicals for the face or nails are not recommended as well. Chemical free products and services are best, which we can provide. 

Our spa atmosphere is designed to be soothing and beautiful. The enriching ambiance has a way of coaxing the stress right out of people. What a gift it is to be able to experience this.

Call Urban Sanctuary at 706-613-3947 to inquire about services for yourself or someone you love. We are open seven days a week. Visit us at 810 North Chase Street in Athens, Georgia or online at


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