Massage For Headache Relief

Massage is a powerful headache remedy, highly effective at creating headache pain relief for many.  Better yet, targeted massage is known to provide more than an ounce of prevention, effectively addressing the root causes of reoccurring headaches for those who partake.
At Urban Sanctuary, we have a host of specialty massages designed to address the most common root causes of tension headaches.


Common root causes of repeat headaches include:

  • sinus tension and swelling

  • stiff neck

  • clenched or overworked jaws

  • inability to sleep sufficiently

  • dehydration

  • poor posture

  • knots in the muscles of the upper back

  • knots and tension in the shoulders

  • cramping in the abdominal muscles

  • stomach tension

  • tension in the muscles of the face and forehead ( worry and frown lines)

  • hormone imbalance

  • inflammation

  • general hypertension

  • exposure to toxins in the atmosphere or food

  • worry and anxiety


The above list of massages recommended for headache relief is very long. If you think you know the cause of your headaches, that information can guide you in selecting your best massage. Or call our front desk at 706-613-3947 and we’ll consult with you and make an informed recommendation.


At Urban Sanctuary, we make headaches go away every day.


Go with the massage type you are most attracted to first, get a recommendation, or try them all!

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