Massage for People Over Seventy

Urban Sanctuary carries Hyssop, Arnica and Lemon Balm which ease joint pain, insomnia and stiff muscles.

Massage therapy enhances well-being for people in all stages of life. One group in particular who enjoy great benefits are men and women over the age of seventy. Massage therapy can play a major role in a post surgery recovery plan or in revitalizing the system after major illness or major life changes. Massage can also be a key component in a good general health and fitness regimen. Whether serving as a recovery aid, an ounce of prevention, stress reduction or pain relief, massages offer great results and great health support. Here are some of the key benefits that many people over seventy enjoy and that massage therapy can help with:

  • arthritis and joint pain
  • insomnia or poor sleep
  • balance and coordination
  • stiff muscles
  • numbness in the hands and feet
  • recovery from hip or knee replacement surgery
  • dry flakey skin
  • circulation
  • recovery from illness
  • grief and loss
  • atrophied muscles due to inactivity or bed rest
  • recovery from cancer
  • headaches
  • poor body awareness
  • stress

Massage services are very easy to customize to suit individual needs. Some clients may require some help getting on and off the massage table or with getting dressed and undressed. Fully clothed massage is an option for those with difficulty or discomfort with getting disrobed. Seated massage, propping and pillows can be employed to create the most comfortable experience possible for people in all stages of health. Issues with vertigo, immobility or difficulty laying down, can be accommodated with seated massage. Massage pressure and style can always be adjusted to suit each person’s pain and sensitivity levels as well as likes and dislikes. People in the massage profession are usually more than happy to accommodate older clients’ needs.

Call Urban Sanctuary with your questions and let us tell you about the many options available to you. If you are thinking about sending a parent, grandparent or friend in for a massage or spa service, we can advise you. Perhaps you are interested in having a massage yourself. You can put your faith in us! We are the best in our field. Urban Sanctuary has been voted Best Day Spa and Favorite Day Spa in town eight different times. We also stand behind all of our services with a money back guarantee, which is pretty hard to find these days. We are absolutely committed to making you happy. View our entire menu of services and gift certificates online. Or call us at 706-613-3947. Be kind to yourself. Unwind at Urban Sanctuary…

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