Massage Therapy For Cancer Pain and Stress Relief

Massage has been proven very effective for cancer pain and stress relief. Therapeutic massage as cancer pain intervention has been evaluated and determined to be safe for many people in various stages of dealing with cancer, including advanced stages. It is important to get doctor approval and incorporate best practices.

At Urban Sanctuary, we welcome people with cancer to the spa for services. We are happy and
 we are prepared  to provide massage services to cancer patients who have written consent from their doctor.

Our clients, as well as many cancer patients across the U.S., have found massage therapy to be beneficial both prior to surgery and post surgery in reducing procedural pain and related anxiety. Some of our clients book massage before and after chemotherapy sessions to reduce both physical and emotional distress.

The National Cancer Institute offers massage as an adjunctive therapy to cancer treatment at more than half of their centers. The American Massage Therapy Association has conducted clinical massage research with breast cancer survivors. Both the American Cancer Institute and National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health have funded studies with very good results. All of the aforementioned organizations have found massage therapy to be highly effective in providing support with reducing cancer pain and stress.

Many control studies and trials have been conducted to measure the short term effects of massage on cancer patients. Measured results show that for people dealing with cancer, massage can effectively:

  • reduce procedural pain
  • relieve chronic pain
  • ease anxiety
  • ease depression
  • anger
  • reduce nausea
  • decrease stress
  • increase levels of dopamine
  • improve quality of sleep
  • improve quality of life
  • create a sense of well being

Massage therapy is instrumental in the long term healing process years after cancer has gone into remission. Massage clients have reported feeling regenerated as their bodies heal from the painful side effects of the cancer drugs. Lavender can help with that process.

Few known control studies have been completed that effectively measure the long term effects and health benefits of massage for cancer patients, unfortunately. However several of those studies are underway.

We have special accommodations for clients dealing with cancer as well as safe practices. We love having the opportunity to make a difference in this aspect of the community. Please call Urban Sanctuary at 706-613-3947 for a consultation for yourself or a loved. Or email [email protected] if you’re considering incorporating massage therapy into your wellness care regimen. 

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