Men and Massage

Many men are turning to massage to manage stress and to enhance their overall health and well being. Massage has become increasingly popular with men over the last two decades in both spas and clinics. The number of men booking monthly, bi-weekly and weekly massage sessions is at an all time high and growing steadily.

Generally speaking, men are seeking the same results from their massages as women. Men are especially interested in the pain relief properties and enhanced athletic performance that therapeutic massage can create.

For men over 30 in particular, the health benefits of massage are a draw, as well as the stress relief and anti-aging benefits of massage.

Benefits most often reported by men from their massages include:

  • relief from chronic pain
  • relief from old injuries
  • increased range of motion 
  • neck and shoulder tension relief
  • recovery from work related stress
  • recovery from travel fatigue 
  • decreased recovery time from sports injuries and pain 
  • improved performance at the gym
  • headache relief 
  • improved sleep
  • overall relaxation

Men are more likely than women to stick to a regular massage time slot. Our male clients are highly likely to get a massage series to save money on individual sessions. Massages favored by men include:

Urban Sanctuary is a man-friendly spa. We had men in mind when we designed our space and our service offerings. Spas are not just for women anymore. Times have changed. Everyone benefits from a good self care and stress prevention regime.

We like to say, “be kind and unwind”… 

You Deserve Time To Unwind.