Myofascial Release Massage

     Myofascial massage focuses on releasing restrictions and adhesion in the fascia or connective tissue to free up your body.

 This massage approach seems to melt, elongate and practically “liquify” the connective tissue. What is actually happening when that melting effect occurs for people is a slow burning sensation resulting from many tiny connective tissue fibers become “unstuck” or unglued during the massage. The fascia is not actually becoming longer, but it truly seems that way as areas that have been bound up untangle and release. Many find the experience to be exhilarating due to the  dramatic increase in range of motion which results from a good myofascial massage.

     Fascia is the web of connective tissue which connects, covers and holds together the muscles, organs, and bones in your body. We are all covered in it. When restrictions in the fascia let go in one area, it’s often felt in other areas of the body. A myofascial release in the chest tissue can often be felt all the way through the arms to the finger tips. A release in the shoulder often releases tension in the jaws and face. It is wonderful, the perfect massage to illustrate just how intricately all of our body parts are connected!

     If you feel stuck or restricted in some area of your body, this could be resulting from connective tissue restrictions and adhesion causing you to be all too “glued together”… Stress, past injuries, trauma, poor posture and just plain living can cause this, which in turn causes aches and pains and limited range of movement. The good news is that it’s very easy to make a difference in the soft tissue! And most people’s bodies respond very well and very easily to myofascial release massage, even if some of the areas have been stuck for a long time… Here is a list of who and what myofascial massage is good for and who and what it isn’t, along with a few recommendations.

Myofascial Massage is good for:

  • frozen shoulder
  • headaches
  • tennis elbow
  • TMJ
  • low back pain
  • some hip problems
  • slumped or rolled forward shoulders
  • whiplash
  • limited range of motion
  • people who like deep tissue and sports massage (in most cases)
  • people with chronic pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • people who enjoy focused massage to concentrated areas
  • people who enjoy very slow-moving massage
  • backaches

Myofascial Massage may not be good for:

  • your very first massage
  • people with sunburn
  • pregnant women
  • people who prefer a lot of oil or cream applied during massage (myofascial uses little to none)
  • skin that tears easily
  • people who would be annoyed by a very slow-moving massage

     For many people who enjoy regular myofascial massage sessions, the results seem to be nothing short of miraculous! It’s certainly a results-producing massage style. The most noticeable result is greater freedom of movement. With greater freedom of movement comes ease of self-expression, increased energy and a renewed sense of balance.

     If you are someone who prefers a full-body massage and you really want to try a myofascial massage, you may need to make a special request in advance to have both in one session. Many myofascial sessions do not cover the entire body, because it is a very slow moving massage technique. However, you could ask for a full body massage with just 30-40 minutes of myofascial  in a 60-90  minute time slot.

     Types of myofascial techniques incorporated vary quite a bit from one massage therapist to the next, but the slow burning effect is usually a common thread as are the wonderful results. You can always request to have the same person for each session to help with continuity.

     Myofascial massage does fall under the umbrella of deep tissue massage styles. As with any deep tissue massage, the pressure should stay within a healthy comfort range for you. It should “hurt good” and create a nice release rather than a teeth gritting, white knuckling, hard-to-bear pain. The difference between one and the other is usually pretty clear and your massage therapist can modify the pressure to find the right balance for you.

     For a personal consultation or to purchase a series call 706-613-3947. Please share personal testimonies and questions about myofascial and deep tissue massage by writing to [email protected].

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