Neck and Shoulder Pain: A Great Cure

Urban Sanctuary serves steaming warm neck pillows to spa clients before services.

Herbal Ease Neck Pillows–combine heat, steam, aromatherapy and healing Ayurvedic herbs to relieve neck pain and achy shoulders. The neck pillows are very versatile stress relievers and wonderfully effective. 

Basmati Rice creates steam once the pillows are heated. The steam helps carry the vapors of the herbs into your system through the pores, the soft tissue and sinuses. Steam passes easily through your clothing, so the neck pillows are very effective whether you’re wearing one over your shirt or on bare skin. Basmati rice is a natural preservative, which helps the herbs inside of the pillows keep for 4 years or so. 

Cardamom treats muscle spasms, settles nerves and strengthens the immune system. It helps with insomnia and nervous exhaustion. In India, Cardamom’s use is very wide spread. Cardamom massage oils, tinctures and teas are blended for healing and longevity. In the neck pillows, Cardamom’s medicine is put to good use.

Clove is a very effective pain remedy. Clove heals sore muscles and nerve pain, arthritic pain and body aches. Mothers have rubbed Clove oil on teething babies’ gums for ages, because it has a very soothing effect. The aromatic vapors can lift mental fatigue. 

Cinnamon steadies the nerves, boosts circulation and raises body temperature. The Cinnamon in the neck pillows helps to soften and relax tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and chest area.

Relaxing, delicious smelling and weighted, the neck pillows are comforting and very healing. We think they are one of the best neck and shoulder pain home cures available! Stop by Urban Sanctuary at 810 North Chase Street in Athens, Georgia to try some on for size. We’ll even heat one up for you.
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