Experience Glo2Facial at Urban Sanctuary! 3 Technologies, 1 Innovative Skincare Platform.

The Ultimate Facial Solution for every age, every skin type, and every occasion.

Glo2Facial is the go-to treatment for rebalanced beauty that utilizes patented Oxfoliation™ and the body’s natural superpowers to deliver clean, calm and naturally hydrated skin. 

This sophisticated and clinical treatment is based on a 3-step process of Oxfoliation™, LUX (Lite Ultrasound Experience), and detoxification, delivering immediate and long-lasting results. The Glo2Facial by Geneo works with everything and is for everyone. 

  • It starts with patented Oxfoliation  technology, increasing the body’s oxygen levels naturally, creating both a bubbly and nutrient-rich environment on the skin while exfoliating away dirt and debris.  
  • It then uses the LUX (lite ultrasound experience) to aid in nutrient absorption and lymphatic drainage to naturally detoxify the skin from within.  
  • The results are clean, calm, naturally hydrated skin which the brand calls rebalanced beauty.  
  • Glo2Facial is available with six non-invasive customizations using natural botanicals that are activated right on the skin.
    • Each targets a variety of skincare concerns, from fighting breakouts to reducing the visible signs of aging, each option is personalized for every age, skin type and season.  
  • This is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin – you’ll know it when you feel it!  

OxyPods Create Oxygen-WITHIN The Skin — Not Just On The Skin. The oxygenation process promotes exfoliation and enhances the penetration of ingredients into the skin. Our unique, natural Geneo OxyPod, which holds a specific combination of active ingredients in their suspended state, reacts with the Geneo Primer Gel, creating a gentle, noninvasive exfoliation. Their synchronized effect is based on innovations in biology, chemistry and technology. The resulting bubbly, CO2 rich environment on the skin’s surface, triggers the body’s natural, physiological process of increased oxygen levels internally. When the oxypod and primer gel combine, desincrustation occurs as increased levels of oxygen are carried to the surface of the skin. The skin is then softened and prepped for extractions and other corrective treatments.

Ultrasound Waves Stimulate And Condition The Skin For Treatment. In the next step of the facial,
Ultrasound heat waves stimulate micro-vibrations in the skin, delivering instant smoothing results on the surface. Small vibrations increase the permeability of the skin’s innermost layer of the epidermis. The basal cells in this layer, continually divide, pushing older ones up towards the surface of the skin, where they eventually shed. Lending to beneficial cell turnover

Finish With A Relaxing, Nourishing Massage. The facial finishes with the Neo-Massage
step, locking in the power of Geneo and increasing circulation. The neo-massage step delivers instant reduction in redness and puffiness as well as diminished appearance of acne, while further deeply infusing the active ingredients of the Geneo Serum. The massage head also provides increase blood flow while relaxing facial muscles and pressure points to diminish unwanted expression lines.

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