Prenatal Massage: Benefits and What You Need to Know

  Relaxing massage can be incredibly beneficial during pregnancy. Throughout each trimester, women undergo a series of physical and emotional changes. As the baby grows, Mom’s center of gravity changes, increasing the strain put on her back and leg muscles as well as other body parts. This can lead to daily aches and pains.

     A multitude of factors can create quite a bit of discomfort and fatigue for women who are with child. Achy low backs, swollen ankles, problems sleeping at night and sinus trouble top the list of most common complaints.

     Many women report that they feel terrific throughout the entire pregnancy. They glow, they’re energized, they are rested and excited about the baby’s arrival! For those lucky souls, a prenatal massage is still a great idea. After all, massage isn’t just for solving problems and relieving chronic pains. A massage is a good idea even when nothing is “wrong,” so to speak. Massage creates a pause in your day, an hour of quiet, the opportunity to feel nurturing touch, put your feet up and be completely taken care of. And it’s healthy!

     Whether you would categorize yourself as a woman experiencing a super “easy” pregnancy, one who’s absolutely worn out or you’re somewhere in the middle; consider having prenatal massage to take care of yourself throughout this very special time…

Benefits of Prenatal Massage
  • eases backaches
  • settles the nerves
  • relaxes tense muscles
  • boosts circulation all over
  • reduces swollen ankles
  • relieves low back and hip pain
  • stimulates sluggish circulation in the legs
  • helps with numbness in the feet & hands
  • reduces sinus pressure
  • reduces tension headaches
  • relieves sore feet and sore knees
  • moisturizes and hydrates your skin
  • reduces irritability
  • calms mood
  • rejuvenates

     The above list of benefits is not all-inclusive, but touches on the main benefits of massage during pregnancy. Some women have experienced improved sleep, decreased anxiety and decreased chronic pain as a result of regular massages received during their pregnancies. Others notice much more subtle benefits.

What You Need to Know

Let the spa know that you are pregnant when you call to book your appointment. Do not wait until later. Not all massage therapists perform prenatal massage. The spa needs to be sure to book you with one of the people who specializes in prenatal massage.

If you have trouble climbing stairs or would rather not, request a service room on the ground floor at the time of booking. It may be hard to switch rooms once you arrive, if the spa is busy.

If you have any concerns about the safety of getting prenatal massage for yourself, talk to your doctor. If you have any medical challenges or questions, please, bring them to your doctor. We cannot give medical advice at the spa. It is not our place to do so.

We offer side lying massage with lots of special body pillows for pregnant women at Urban Sanctuary… It’s really quite comfortable! The pillows can bolster the chest, belly, knees and so on. If you are still comfortable laying supine (on your back), that’s okay, too.

You can get up to relieve your bladder halfway through the massage, if you need to. Anyone can, but we know that this is something that pregnant women might especially need with more pressure on the bladder. We understand!

Lavender aromatherapy has a reputation for being wonderful for pregnancy and very safe. We avoid using other essential oils for the most part to err on the conservative side. Inform us if you’d prefer we do otherwise for you.

Things that you enjoy during your “usual” spa visits may not agree with your system during pregnancy. It’s amazing how the body changes and adjusts for the baby.

There are a few services we avoid with pregnant clients. We do not usually offer much heat, deep tissue massage, hot stones, scrubs, muds or seaweeds to pregnant women… They seem to be too taxing to the system and tend to be very detoxifying services.

If you prefer very firm pressure during your prenatal massages, that is something to request ahead of time when booking. We do not want you to be disappointed with your massage therapist. Not all massage therapists are comfortable giving firm pressure during prenatal massages, but some are. We trust that you know your body and you know what you want. Provided that you’ve cleared it with your doctor, we will strive to give you just what you want, as long as you let us know in advance what that is.

Lastly, please arrive early and please linger after if you have time! We have created a beautiful space for you to enjoy a nice pause in your day to regroup… Please accept our invitation to be kind to yourself and unwind at Urban Sanctuary!

**Call 706-613-3947 for a personal consultation to match you up with the best services and the right massage therapist to suit your unique needs and preferences. Or write to us at [email protected] with questions and suggestions.

You Deserve Time To Unwind.