Sandalwood Aromatherapy Benefits

Urban Sanctuary has Sandalwood soap and candles available for purchase and features a Sandalwood Scalp  massage.

Sandalwood is a very precocious essential oil with great medicinal and fortifying properties. It is one of the most expensive essential oils on the planet, to harvest, because the Sandalwood tree must be at least 30 years old before it produces any of the sweet oil. Sandalwood trees are considered sacred in several of the countries where they thrive and that limits the availability and increases the value in the world marketplace. The effects of the oil are incredible and well worth the effort, if you can find a small vial to purchase and use at home.

Sandalwood aromatherapy is great for scalp and foot massage, because it pacifies the nervous system and brings calm and focus to scattered, fragmented energy. Sandalwood oil is both calming and cooling for overactive skin. It is healing and balancing in cases of inflammation, insomnia, frayed nerves, lack of sex drive, a racing mind, lack of focus, anxiety, dry skin, dry scalp and itchy scalp. Here are some of the primary benefits in list form. Sandalwood oil is commonly used to promote:

  • peace
  • balanced nerves
  • restful sleep
  • meditation
  • sex drive
  • calm
  • confidence
  • healthy skin
  • healthy scalp
  • focus
  • spiritual fortitude

Sandalwood has been used throughout the ages in meditation practice. It is known for heart healing and opening. It’s also a powerful aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood can be found in many soaps, candles, bath and cosmetic blends. It has a sweet woodsy scent that is slightly masculine with out being overpowering. It is popular with both men and women.

Try a Sandalwood Scalp and Neck Massage at Urban Sanctuary. Or stop into our store and sample our Zum sandalwood soap and candles. Call 706-613-3947 to inquire or book yourself a massage and spa service. We are open seven days a week, in Athens, Georgia to provide the perfect place to unwind…

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