Asian Foot Massage

About This Service

The Asian Foot Massage incorporates Thai, Japanese and East Indian massage techniques. Three powerful healing traditions from the East are combined with some of our unique methods. All are engaged to release tension, pain and restrictions in the toes, ankles, feet and legs. In doing so, the hips, knees and back are often completely renewed. This very rounded approach to foot massage incorporates rhythmical movements to gently coax tension out of the legs, hips, low back and feet.

Purchase Options

Series of 7, 60-Minute Sessions (Saves $85)$51060
30-Minute Gift Card$5030
60-Minute Gift Card$8560

Optional Add-Ons

Hot Stone Add-On

Smooth heated stones are used to massage the body, releasing knots and creating deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Add-On$10

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