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Experience OxyGeneo at Urban Sanctuary! 3 Technologies, 1 Innovative Skincare Platform.

The Ultimate Facial Solution for every age, every skin type, and every occasion.

Geneo’s patented oxygenation technology triggers the body’s natural, physiological process that increases oxygen levels internally! Unlike traditional oxygen facials, OxyGeneo utilizes your body’s own oxygen rather than pushing external oxygen into the skin, which can lead to redness, damage, and sensitivity.

Every OxyGeneo facial begins with a unique, patented reaction between a Geneo OxyPod and Geneo Primer Gel, which simultaneously exfoliates and oxygenates the skin. Geneo ultrasound increases absorption of highly effective ingredients from Geneo Serums, encouraging cellular renewal. Lastly, a relaxing neo-massage seals in the treatment for maximum absorption and results.

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