Staff Highlight: Kela Griffith

Kela Griffith

     Kela Griffith was the very first person to do a pedicure at Urban Sanctuary in the summer of 2010, when we first opened the nail department at our new Boulevard location. We were a little worried that the hustle and bustle of nail services might compromise our otherwise serene spa atmosphere, but Kela set the tone perfectly from the start. Her clients get to enjoy the most peaceful, pampering and relaxing manicures and pedicures you could imagine. She is extraordinary! We’ve struck gold…

Here’s a little Q&A so you can find out even more about Kela!

Kela, where did you grow up?

     Green County

How long have you been here?
     10 years

Is there anything you want to share about yourself?
     My Dad taught my brother and I how to lay a foundation, literally! Our family owned a restaurant and night club when we were growing up, and we actually built it from the ground up. My Dad had his own construction company, too. Dad also used to have a pair of alligator shoes in each and every color! He was very debonaire… He has always been a very sharp dresser and still is.    

What do you do in your free time?

Kela’s Dad

     I write poetry and spoken word, and I workout.

Do you like music?
     I like blues, jazz, R&B, some hip-hop and oldies

Do you have any favorite movies?
     Yes, The Green Mile and Book of Eli

What are your favorite TV shows?
     Family Feud is my favorite game show, and I like to watch cooking shows, game shows and reality television.

Kela is a gem and a real breath of fresh air… She has a little boy and a girl and she’s an all around positive person! We are still trying to to figure out how she finds the time to workout with two young children and a dog at home!

Book a pedicure or a manicure with Kela soon at Urban Sanctuary. You will love it!
To schedule call 706-613-3047.

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