Tea Tree Aromatherapy

                                Clarifies Lungs and Sinuses

  Tea Tree essential oil is non-toxic and has a wide range of uses. The Australian tree that it comes from is a relative of Eucalyptus. The two essential oils are similar in scent, but Tea Tree is softer than Eucalyptus and much smoother. While each has distinct cosmetic and medicinal properties, both essential oils provide great cold & flu relief as well as good immune system support. We carry both at Urban Sanctuary in our gift store.

 There are two things that stand out to me about Tea Tree essential oil. Tea Tree is second to none for relief from dust & mold and allergies. It’s also the only essential oil (apart from Lavender) that can be applied directly to the skin with out harm. Other aromatherapy oils need to be blended into a carrier before being applied or else burning & scarring could occur. Tea Tree is very versatile, in part, because of its ability to be applied neet. This makes it essential to first aid kits.

  Here are some of Tea Tree’s uses:

  • cold and flu remedy
  • good for sinuses
  • non irritating antiseptic oil
  • eases mental fatigue
  • treats acne, rashes and skin wounds
  • fights lung and sinus infection
  • great for foot fungus, foot soaks and tired feet
  • great for scalp massage

  At Urban Sanctuary, we have many services and products incorporating Tea Tree aromatherapy. One is our Tea Tree Eucalyptus bath aromatherapy blend called To The Rescue. It’s our house-made cold remedy. We also have foot soaks, candles, bubbles and organic body wash containing the essential oil. My favorite Tea Tree fix of all time is our Tea Tree Eucalyptus scalp massage. It’s completely revitalizing. View our entire menu of services online or call Urban Sanctuary to inquire at 706-613-3947.

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