The Healing Powers of Ginger

Ginger tea has many healing properties.

Ginger is a wonderful and versatile healing agent. It has a spicy and sharp fragrance, which makes it especially nice for fall and wintertime. Ginger boosts circulation and warms the body, and it is both a stimulant and natural aphrodisiac. Ginger is very effective at relieving pain, especially for joint pain, stomach cramps and muscle aches. Ginger is also a great cold symptom remedy. Here is a list of the benefits of eating, drinking, and topically applying ginger:

  • great anti-inflammatory
  • treats colds
  • fevers
  • eases indigestion
  • stomach cramps
  • nausea
  • heals joint pain
  • muscle pain
  • muscle fatigue
  • muscle spasms
  • head ache remedy
  • good for lung infections
  • throat infections
  • increases energy
  • increases stamina
  • boosts circulation
  • boosts immunity
  • normalizes blood pressure

Ginger is a warming liniment which makes it a popular key ingredient in massage oil blends, muscle rubs, athletic creams, chest rubs and bath blends. It should always be blended with a carrier. Ginger alone could make the skin burn and cause great irritation.

At Urban Sanctuary we carry many products blended with ginger essential oil and ginger tea. These include Zum soap, EO bubbles, organic bath bombs, Ayurvedic teas, Gypsie Teas, handmade lotions, essential oil, organic lip balm and several other eco-friendly products. The most popular is Farmesthetics’ Deep Lavender Rub. Blended with ginger, this muscle rub is a very effective warming liniment widely used in our Urban Neck Massage, Sports Massages and Deep Tissue Massage.

Stop in and sample some of our delicious ginger bath and body products. Urban Sanctuary is located at 810 North Chase Street in Athens, Georgia. View our menu of services online at or call us at 706-613-3947. We are open seven days a week.    

At Urban Sanctuary, we use Farmesthetics‘ warming lavender ginger rub for sports massage and deep tissue massage.


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