The Potent Healing & Beauty Benefits of Mud

Mud is pain relieving, restorative and purifying.

     Mud is known around the world for its incredible pain relieving, restorative and purifying properties. Mud baths date back to the days of Cleopatra and probably before… In addition to having many of the wonderful detoxifying and anti-aging effects also present in seaweed, mud has incredible pain relieving properties. If you are trying to decide between a mud or a seaweed wrap, that would be the main distinguishing factor between the two. If you can have both treatments on separate occasions, definitely do so! Seaweed’s wonderful metabolism-stimulating effects are second to none. Mud’s pain relieving properties are second to none…

     Mud is one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory agents. People have been using mud for centuries (especially in Europe) to treat pain and inflammation. Mud has healing qualities that are very good for treating arthritis, muscle aches and joint pain. In facials, the anti-inflammatory properties of mud work wonderfully to reduce skin outbreaks and treat skin disorders.

     At Urban Sanctuary, we use Alaskan Glacial Mud for our mud wrap and body mask. This particular type of mud is fantastic for all skin types. It is some of the most pure, mineral-rich mud in the entire world. Our Alaskan Glacial Mud is sustainably harvested from the remote waters of the Copper River in Alaska, which drains from four mountain ranges and catches a vast array of mineral deposits…

     Below are some of the main benefits you can expect from a mud wrap or bath and some of the vitamins and minerals present in most types of mud, as well as those ingredients that have been added to ours. There are no synthetic fragrances, dyes or fillers present in Alaskan Glacial mud. That’s one of the many reasons we chose it for our services.

Benefits of using mud for the face and body:

  • firms and smooths the skin
  • relaxes the mind and body
  • supports skin cell regeneration
  • has anti-aging effects on the skin
  • reduces signs of aging and stress on the body
  • provides quick relief for aching joints
  • reduces pain and inflammation in the body
  • aids in the release of impurities through the pores
  • aids in the absorption of minerals and essential trace elements
  • helps relieve fatigue
  • rebalances the nervous system
  • helps the skin to hold moisture and form collagen, resulting in radiant skin
  • promotes good circulation
  • purifies and restores

Major elements, trace elements and minerals present in mud

  • iron
  • magnesium
  • copper
  • zinc
  • sulfur
  • silver
  • silica
  • calcium
  • sodium

* There are over 60 naturally occurring major and trace elements in mud. This is only a partial list.

Wild crafted and certified organic extracts have been added to Alaskan Glacial Mud to give antioxidant and moisturizing benefits, including:

  • kelp 
  • elderflower
  • nettle extract
  • horsetail
  • cranberry
  • blueberry
  • yarrow
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin E

     While seaweed wraps envelope you in the beautiful healing energy of the sea, mud wraps envelope you in the wonderfully grounding and healing energy of the earth. Most of us could stand to benefit from both.

     You’ll feel totally renewed after just one mud wrap, however a series of 4-6 mud wraps is recommended for maximum benefit. At Urban Sanctuary you’ll save $85 when you purchase a series. Mud wraps are great in combination with salt scrubs, massage, pedicures and facials. Give us a call for personal recommendations at 706-613-3947.

     Mud wraps are contraindicated for people who are pregnant, adverse to heat, on heavy medications (check with your doctor) or allergic to sulfur. For a more detailed list of ingredients used for Urban Sanctuary’s treatments write to [email protected].

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