Waxing Wisdom from Urban Sanctuary

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal. It removes the hair by the root, so an area is hair-free anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on your hair type and how long you’ve been waxing.  Any area of healthy skin can be waxed, but some of the most common areas for women include the eyebrows, upper lip, bikini line, and legs. The most common areas of waxing for men include the brows, chest, and back. 
There are two types of waxes used to remove hair. The esthetician will determine the right kind of wax for you, unless you already have a preference. Soft wax is applied in a thin layer and removed with a fabric strip. Hard wax is applied in a thicker layer and removed when set.  Both are warm when applied to the skin. Your esthetician may test the wax on his or her wrist before applying to make sure it is the correct temperature.

A little discomfort and a mild reddening to the area waxed are normal. Subsequent waxes will generally have a decrease in discomfort and reddening.  Following some simple do’s and don’ts will help you have the least irritation and pain.
Do’s and Don’ts:


Schedule your wax when your hair is at an appropriate length:
o   Hairs need to be a least 1 quarter inch long (about the length of a rice grain).
o   If your hair is longer than an inch, you may want to trim it. Longer hair can be uncomfortable when waxed. 

Tell your esthetician if you are taking any medication.  Some medications alter how the skin reacts to waxing, and can make your waxing more painful or increase the risk of skin tears.

Exfoliate between waxes to avoid in-grown hairs. There are lots of different exfoliants – ask your esthetician to help you pick what’s right for you.

Tan the area to be waxed (in the sun or artificially) 48 hrs before or 48 hrs after a wax – this can sometimes cause discoloration.

Workout or do anything that causes excessive heat or sweating the same day as your wax. This can introduce a more than normal level of bacteria to the area and possibly cause an angry reaction.

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