Your First Massage: How To Choose and How Long It Should Be

Urban Sanctuary is nestled in the historic Boulevard district of Athens, Georgia.
     Massage is the most popular of all types of spa services. Massage therapists use various techniques to heal and relax both mind and body. There are many types of massage to choose from. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the massages we offer at Urban Sanctuary.

What kind of massage should I get? 
     There is no short answer to this question. It all depends on your personal likes and dislikes. Here are a few to consider:
  • Swedish Massage is a safe bet for a first time client who would just like to relax. It is the most well-known type of massage and incorporates lots of kneading and long gliding strokes.
  • Our Signature Massage we recommend for clients who want to experience a sampling of several  techniques and massage styles during one massage. It’s a good way to help you learn what your preferences are. Our Signature Massage rolls Hot Stones, Dry Brushing, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue techniques into one graceful treatment.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulderthis massage targets where many people ache the most. A good choice for a first timer.
  • Deep Tissue or Sports Massage— are perfect for you if you’d like to work out a few specific areas of your body or prepare yourself for strenuous activity. Both massage styles target the client’s goals in a very productive, result-oriented way. The focused and directed attention to detail makes a lot of people feel very satisfied. If that sounds good to you, choose either deep tissue or sports massage for your first time. Both modalities appeal to people who prefer deeper pressure.
  • Prenatal Massageaddresses the special needs of an expecting mother. We perform prenatal massages in the side lying position and incorporate special techniques to address swollen ankles, legs and sinuses. Extra time and attention is devoted to the low back and hip area as well. We avoid using extra heat, very deep pressure and most aromatherapy during prenatal massages.
  • Aromatherapy Massage— focuses on incorporating essential oils in the massage and working the aromatherapy into your system. Lots of wave-like and rhythmical strokes orchestrate this very graceful, mood-altering massage. A great choice if you like aromatherapy. Not for pregnant women or people craving deep tissue work.

Want to try something other than the massages described above?
     We also offer Hot Stones, Thai massage, Foot Massages and Scalp Treatments to name a few. Read about the massages that aren’t described here, on our website or  call us for help choosing which one to schedule… Your massage therapist will be a good person to help you decide which massage style will best serve your needs.

How long should my massage be?

  • Half Hour Massages– work great for attending to a specific area, like a face and scalp massage, foot massage, or back, neck and shoulder massage. A Headache Massage, sinus massage, or TMJ Massage fit into 30 minutes nicely. It’s not long enough for a full body massage, but it is long enough to turn your day around. Tess Wilson and Alan McArthur both enjoy giving thirty minute massages.
  • 1 Hour Massages– are the most common length booked. Full body massages and massages for specific areas of tension work very well in an hour’s time. Our Signature Massage starts at an hour because it combines three techniques. The Aromatherapy Massage and Full Body Hot Stone Massages are booked at an hour and up. Elizabeth, Suzy and Becca love to give 60 minute massages.
  • 1.5 Hour Massages– work best for tension and knots all over for deep relaxation and for people who need a combination of several different massages. Some of our clients with high-stress jobs like to get a 1.5 hour Swedish so they can completely unwind and turn off their racing minds. Nathan Hale enjoys giving 90 minute massages.
  • 2 Hour Massages– are best if you need complete transformation. Do you need thorough coverage of a chronic pain area with plenty of time left over for a full body massage? Would you enjoy Reflexology, Scalp Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage all combined in one visit? Two hour massages are very transformative. Candice Courcy loves to give 2 hour massages at Urban Sanctuary

  We can help you determine which massage type will best address your needs. We can also pair you with a massage therapist who will be a nice fit for you. Send your inquiries about massage by e-mail or call us. Our email is and our phone number is 706-613-3947.

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